Intentional Jewelry

I am the ARTIST offering Intentional Jewelry

As a creative artist, my goal is to design with a soulful purpose. Imagery or form is meant to remind us of the qualities we wish to embrace. My watercolor paintings, hand weaving and jewelry are all meant to bring beauty alive. Also to help us to know our individuality from the inside out. My designs are inspired by my interaction the special stones, metals and findings to make the one of a kind pieces. I also connect with ever evolving energy we all live in.

Sterling Silver Bracelet

Hand Made, 100% Sterling Silver, Each piece is a custom order работа мск to ensure proper fit. Hand woven with two different gauges of Sterling Silver. Pricing ranges from $100.00 to $120.00 due to sizing. Each piece is unique because it is hand crafted with love.

silver braclet

I also offer similar designs in 100% Copper.


Wrapped semi precious stones and leather


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