Home Staging


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The goal is to stage your home to sell and make your ultimate dreams a reality!

Undecided about home staging?

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Home staging is creating the ultimate sensation and impression for home buyers to want to purchase your house.  It’s is beyond decorating and cleaning.

It’s about flawless arts of creating moods and tapping into other emotions. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving.

Best of all, it makes home buyers want to buy it.


Room with clutter everywhere


 couch with coffee table and books


First step: you need to clean, de-clutter, paint, make minor repairs.

It’s all about dressing the house for sale.

I offer my services by helping identify spaces that need attention and provide fast-track solutions.

Why do you need a house professionally staged?

As a profession interior designer with a BS degree in Interior Architecture, I am a highly skilled artist.

I offer my services to create dramatic scenery that appeals to all five senses.

It’s also about identifying the small details along with the use of color, lighting, inviting mix of materials and setting the mood of the space.

I will bring into the space amazing items to create the WOW appeal for you. This is when my energy and love for my craft starts to create the magic. Here are some of the items I use to bring about the mood home buyers are attracted to.