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Stetson University in Deland Florida

Founded in 1876, DeLand is home to Stetson University’s original and historic campus. After renovations the Carlton Union Building (CUB) will expand by 40 percent to approximately 80,000 square feet. Changes will include an all-new, larger dining space, new kitchen. The north wing of the CUB will feature a new the Campus Bookstore, Convenience Store, Post Office and Copy Center. The east wing of the building will offer a patio dining area. The building will also have increased space for student groups, students activities and office space.

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Floor Plans

Stetson CUB - Arch_R2015_jcolmery - Sheet - AF701 - FIRST FLOOR FURNITURE PLAN Stetson CUB - Arch_R2015_jcolmery - Sheet - AF702 - SECOND FLOOR FURNITURE PLAN

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